Samsung Galaxy Watch Active: how to connect the clock to your Android or iOS

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is a smartwatch for the most distracted and is brilliant in its functions and performance. A watch to use, no worries and no moderation, being unexpectedly fun for a  technological gadget. However, we first have to connect it to your Android or iOS device.

You will then learn how to connect a new watch to your mobile device in detail.

The first contact with Samsung Galaxy Watch Active was positive. It’s a beautiful little smartwatch, evaluating it as such and not like a conventional clock. From there, we have to connect it to our Android or iOS smartphone or mobile device, to get the most out of it.

The first steps with Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Now that you have the new watch in your possession, start by charging it, even if it is not a prerequisite.Kabir Singh Full Hindi Movie Download Then, with our smartphone (or tablet), we’ll start by installing the Galaxy Wearable app for Android ( Play Store ), or for iOS ( App Store ). Wait for the installation.

It is from this application that will control any and all smart accessory from Samsung. Everything from firmware updates, data compilation, change the watch faces, as well as any and all accessory definition. In other words, it is a mandatory requirement before you can use the wearables.

Then, with the app installed on your Android or iOS device, select the wearableAccording to the gallery above, we have the possibility to synchronize various equipment. However, in this article, we will follow the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, although the process is similar for other products.

The Galaxy Wearable application is the starting point

From here we will select the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. Then we have the chance to register our Samsung account to store our data in the company’s ecosystem. Already, in the same way, it will be immediately alerted to the existence of possible system updates.

You can then set the type of permissions that the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active will have access to. In effect, the first will be access to the location, but several will follow. You can also customize what kind of notifications can be displayed by the watch, among other details.

Although it is a time-consuming process, with several interactions being requested from the user, we recommend that you grant them all permissions. Note that only in this way can you take full advantage of the watch. Still, there are several granular configurations that you can control from the settings via the application.

The first configuration of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Before you even begin to use the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active you will be asked to install another application for Android. This is, in this case, the Samsung Accessory Service with the use to be immediately forwarded. You will also be prompted to install the Watch Active Plugin.

It is, therefore, a somewhat lengthy process with a total of three applications to be installed, for Android. Already in the configuration in iOS devices, the process turns out to be a bit more expeditious. However, do not worry, since the setup (and triple installation), from here it will all rather simple.

Incidentally, with all the software installed and updated, within the application for Android and iOS we can first define a  watch face of our preference. Something you can also do from the clock itself, at any time. We can even download more dials from the Galaxy Store.

Set all parameters on your Android or iOS device

We then advise you to define exactly what kind of notifications you want to see in Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. In this way, excuse to always be interrupted with the vibrating alert on your wrist whenever you receive any notification or alert.

You can also set the “Good Night” mode through the application to avoid receiving any alert or presentation of any notification. At all times you can also activate this mode from the clock, with a  swipe from top to bottom, bringing down the control bar and notifications.

While the clock is finishing syncing with your Android or iOS device, you’ll see some control and usage tips. However, you can find out more about it, and you can also train the interaction with it. Note that the clock will also give you a little tutorial.

The initial setup is undeniably time-consuming

You should, therefore, follow the instructions on the clock display. Already, on the other hand, you will find inside the application a similar tutorial as we can see in the images above. It will also in the application you will find a summary of the status of the clock, Download Chain as well as all its settings.

Similarly, you can synchronize the data recorded by the watch with various fitness applications, or simply with Samsung’s standard application. Note also that Galaxy Watch Active also has NFC so you can configure the Samsung Pay system. From here you will have the watch perfectly synchronized with your Android or iOS device. I recall that eventually there are several other points and tasks that you can customize at your pleasure, but this was the procedure used on this side. We will share the analysis with Galaxy Watch Active in a timely manner.


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